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Our Educational Pillar

In our quest through life, I came to understand that Education has two Pillars

1. Biblical

All true education comes from a personal knowledge and diligent study of the Scriptures. This education will renew and even expand the mind; it will TRANSFORM the character and will RESTORE the image of Godin every child of the Almighty. God’s Holy Word will enable the learner to understand the Voice of God. The diligent student of this course of study will then become a co-worker with the Savior. He will become a vessel used by ”The Potter” to dispel moral darkness about him and bring light and true knowledge to others.

2. Worldly

From Century to Century the search for the ”Tree of Knowledge” and the pursuit for riches and superiority has led men and women to seek higher education. Human ambition seeks for knowledge, degrees and diplomas that will bring to themselves glory, self-exaltation, and supremacy. Self-exaltation always brings unhappiness and poor relationships with others.

Biblical Historical Pillars

In Christian education, the Book of Christianity must be preeminent. The Bible is the Book of Christianity. The purpose of Christian education is to build up Christians. Nothing that is not Christian can ever properly be brought into the education of a Christian, any more than can anything that is

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Satan Worldly Historical Pillars

Satan has artfully woven his dogmas, his false religion, his false theories, and social mores into the instruction given in worldly universities and colleges. From the podiums of these ”trees of knowledge,” satanic agencies, worldly manuals, and New Age coursework speak the most seductive flattery and bogus science. After graduating

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