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Our mission

Reflecting The Character Of Our Lord Through

     Humanitarian Activities

     Building Networks

     Which Develop Community – Base Capacity

For Greater Service To Our Fellowman.

Our vision in large

Families today are threatened by the current trend toward loss of self-control. Many youths and their family members are not fully aware of the Principalities, Powers, and Wickedness in high places; this is the real enemy we all face, how often our youth and their family members war among themselves and carry this war into society, without true spiritual insight this war will rage within each one of us until our spiritual eyes are open. Reasoning from cause to effect is the primary principle we are setting forth, with the spotlight being on value clarification. This approach of cause-to-effect education will help youth and their family members look within where the real battle is with self, based on the Morals and Value System we have.

Who we are

We are an Prevention/Intervention Emotional, Health Analysis Services Program. We provide services for school age children K through 12, families, and community organizations to help people identify and assess their health risks and track their progress toward primary and secondary steps to prevention education, based on universal goals of public health: “Increasing quality and years of healthy life”.

Our workshops and Educational projects on key health determinants necessary for assessing risk and recommending preventive and health enhancing lifestyle changes The unique nature of our services enabled us to contribute support services to the total community, enhancing rather than competing with other agencies.

Why the paradigm that needs to be changed

What is a paradigm and how does it change? A paradigm (pronounced paradime) is the most basic understanding on which new knowledge is generated. As an example, an earlier understanding was that the Earth is flat. The new understanding is that the Earth is round. The roundness of the Earth is the basic paradigm to the design of all maps, globes, recognition of stars in the sky, and calculations for space travel. Thus, the earlier paradigm for holding the Earth to be flat was inaccurate. It is the correct understanding of the Earth as a sphere that has made advancement in many fields of science possible. This change in paradigm is basic to our progress in many fields of science. The shift in that paradigm and the transformation it brought about did not occur easily. Adoption of a fundamentally significant new paradigm in the science of medicine, Mental Health, and Family Morals and Values is more difficult even if the outcome is highly desirable and desperately needed by society.

The immediate outcome of this paradigm shift will be to the health advantage of our youth, families, and our nations. It will expose the myth of human science. In every field of thought or instruction, there is a divine science, and there is a human
science. And these are contrary the one to the other, because the constant tendency of human science is to separate from the Source of true wisdom.

Our vision

Our main purpose is the teaching of life-skills character education which is the teaching of optional responses to stressful situations, concepts, and skills that empower young people and their family members to manage their emotional feelings without resorting to violence or aggression.

True education is the preparation of the physical, mental, and moral powers for the performance of every duty; it is the training of body, mind, and soul for divine service. The habits established in the early years decide whether a person will be victorious or vanquished in the battle of life. Youth is the sowing time. It determines the character of the harvest for this life and for the life to come. With this being said, our vision is to help our youth and their families to develop Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.

About our Founder

Richard Frazier standing at a Family Enrichment Lifestyle Changes table. The table has educational materials and props on it.

Mr. Frazier, Founder and Executive / Director of Family Enrichment Lifestyle Changes, started his quest early in the 1980s, having come up doing the Civil Rights era, watching our country move from one dilemma to the next, right into the War on Drugs.

After closely analyzing the dilemma, Mr. Frazier realized This “Drug War” will not be won in the cocaine jungles of South America, where terrorists prow, or on the inner-city street corners where the street gangs shoot out. The real war must be fought on the battlefield of “Morals and Values”.

The drug crisis facing our nation Then appeared in its beginning to be just one of many social protests against Post-World War II values. The tumultuous 1960s confronted us with so many violent dramas the rising tide of drug use went relatively unnoticed. The parents faced the problem first. Health professionals early became aware of the growing problem. Then the police, juvenile authorities, and courts began sounding the warnings of crisis. Finally, through the 1970s, the whole nation gradually awakened to the fact that a cancerous social cancer called “Drug Traffic” was draining the energies of the entire country and threatening national existence.

Anti-drug activities began in homes and neighborhoods. Only slowly did the professional community become involved. In the home and community at large, was one major question: “What can we do? “ In answer, an amazing number of approaches were tried across the United States. All early attempts at drug prevention failed.

Gradually the question changed to “What works and what doesn’t? Educators and psychologists can now identify the factors leading to drug use, and a picture has emerged outlining the techniques for helping children and adults to build internal skills and attitudes which will enable them to choose and maintain a “Drug–Free Life Style.”

We have identified three basic models used in drug prevention since 1965:

  1. The Traditional “Affective” Model – Emphasizing knowledge of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, and their adverse effects under a fear-arousal motivational approach.
  2. The “Affective” Humanistic Model – Focussing on enhancing self-esteem and responsible decision-making. It also includes components designed to enrich the personal and social development of persons.
  3. The Psycho-social Model – This model focuses primarily on the psycho-social factors which promote the use of chemical substances. It involves making the person aware of the social influences pressuring him/her toward illegal and legal substances. Specific skills refusal by which those pressures can be resisted and the correction of social norm misconceptions about legal and illegal substance use. This model also includes basic substance knowledge, as well as self-esteem enhancement and decision-making with the framework of psycho-social methodology.

After a thorough review of over 127 prevention programs established that Models 1 and 2 do not work when used only by themselves. Only the psycho-social model has proved effective and has grown in sophistication.

The question of chemical abuse is placed within a larger context of the persons acquiring of life skills and enhancing his/her individual competence in living. Since Human Nature has not changed from that time to present, it is this model that we have chosen in implementing its prevention / Intervention with our affiliates. We at Family Enrichment Lifestyle Changes Inc. have moved the paradigm shift, to implement the concepts and skills, Into our Anatomy Disease Prevention Intervention Educational Campaign.

Therefore Mr. Frazier earned his graduate degree as a result of his personal involvement, having grown up in an alcoholic family and seeing the destructive addictive behavior of his father, uncles, and cousin. As a result (Family Enrichment Lifestyle Changes Inc.) has moved from a dream to reality. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely on contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations to fund our vision.

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